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Quick tips to speed up your potato Windows 10 PC

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    Spandan Sehgal

Speed Up your Potato PC.


Is you PC slow ?
If yes then you're at right place. Today I am going to share some tricks your can use to speed up your Windows 10 PC.

Let's get started!

1. Clean up some unnecessary folders.

Yes, windows creates some folder in which it stores some temporary files. So deleting them up will not affect your compputer.
To do so first press Windows + R key a dialog box will appear
in the bottom-left corner of the screen. In the TextBox type the following %temp% and hit enter Then open this dialog box again and now type Temp and hit enter.
Do this again and this time type prefetch and hit enter, if windows asks for permission then grant it. Now finally select all the files and folders inside the folders we opened and delete them all permanently by
pressing Shift + Del.

2. Uninstall unnecessary apps.

You might have installed some apps for a short term use and might not be using them now and these
apps are now taking space in your pc and making it slow. So deleting them is a good option. To uninstall an app open search panel from the search icon or by pressing Windows + S and type control panel and hit enter. Then from there you have to search for Programs and Fetaures and then Uninstall a program then select the app
you want to uninstall and click uninstall in the ribbon.

3. Permanently delete the files/folders from Recycle Bin.

When you delete a file it doesn't gets deleted permanently it moves to Recycle Bin taking up some space.
So in order to free up that space always permanently delete a file if you don't want it any longer by pressing
the Shift + Del keys together.

4. Disabling Background App usage.

Many apps you install run in the background even if you close them and thus slowing down your PC. Therefore you need to disable this. To do so open settings then click on Privacy and then scroll down to the bottom from the side menu until you find Background Apps. When found click on it and then turn off the Let apps run in the background switch .


So today, I have taught you how to speed up your old pc/laptop.
It includes 4 easy steps:

  1. Cleaninig unnecessary folders.
  2. Uninstalling unnecessary apps.
  3. Cleaning Up the Recycle Bin.
  4. Disabling background apps.

Wrap Up

Feel free to ask or suggest anything in the comments section. That's it for today everyone, looking forward to meet you in the next post soon. Till then take care and goodbye 🖐🏻